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Exciting Entertainers CoverExciting Entertainers is a book to spark the imagination of readers through the use of real-life, well known entertainers. This factual book gives an understanding of the challenges these entertainers have faced to get where they are today, proving it’s hard work for every person wanting to succeed in the entertainment industry. This book should inspire young people to continue to aim for their dreams, even if they face challenges along the way.

To ‘Spark’ the imagination of all readers, Exciting Entertainers focuses on success stories from famous Welsh entertainers such as Tom Jones, Katherine Jenkins, Rhys Ifans and Alex Jones to name just a few. There are many different types of entertainer and this book covers the trials and tribulations of successful Welsh entertainers from music, acting, comedy, presenting, writing, and commentating to give a holistic view of the industry.

If you know of an aspiring entertainer in your midst, this will be the perfect book to inspire and motivate, as well as being a fun and interesting read for all children.

Spark the imagination.

Exciting Entertainers

Exciting Entertainers

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