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Football Skills

Football Skills


ITF Wales

ITF Wales

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Here at Atebol we have developed activities to inspire and start budding sporting stars they begin their journey.

There are lots of things to explore and do,

The next big sporting star could be you!

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Foundation degrees in coaching and development

How to dribble like Gareth Bale


Jade Jones Wins Women’s 57kg Taekwondo Gold

The Olympic Taekwondo Review – London 2012 Olympics


Channel 4 and Sainsbury’s presents… Ellie Simmonds

Women’s 200m Individual Medley SM6 Final

Rugby and Wheelchair Rugby

Rugby Union vs Rugby League The Big Debate

Sam Warburton: Breakdown in Attack Trailer

London 2012 – Wheelchair Rugby


Getting to know Chaz Davies

Chaz Davies rides on a motorbike


The Paralympics 2012 Mark Co...

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Sporting StarsSports Stars is a book to spark the imagination of readers through the use of real-life, well known sports stars. This factual book gives an understanding of the hard work, effort and challenges that each individual sport star has faced in order to achieve success, proving that with dedication anything is possible. This book should inspire young people to continue to aim for their dreams, even if they face challenges along the way.

With the recent boom in coverage of different sports, there’s an availability of new and exciting sports to try. Children are getting the chance to enjoy unconventional sports and build dreams based on sporting achievement. This Spark book looks at some of t...

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